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Victoria Lichtenberger, MPS, CMC, BCC - Founder, Care Manager & Life Coach

Victoria received her bachelor of science degree in psychology and her master’s degree in professional studies, with an emphasis on geriatric care management. She is a trained, nationally certified Aging Life Care™ Manager and a long-standing member of the Aging Life Care® Association. In addition to Aging Life Care management, Victoria provides life coaching to family caregivers and women facing life transitions. She is currently applying to become a board-certified coach.

While in college, she volunteered by visiting the residents of a local nursing home. It was during these visits that Victoria realized the pressing need for the residents without family nearby to have someone advocating for them. This inspired Victoria to pursue an advanced degree in geriatric care management at the only school offering such a program in the country at that time. After graduating in 1996, Victoria immediately went to work as an Aging Life Care Manager and has been fiercely advocating for her clients ever since. Victoria’s hallmark is her ability to think outside the box to bring more joy, more hope, and more peace into her clients’ lives.

As an Aging Life Care Manager and Certified Life Coach, Victoria is driven by her God-given passion to help equip and encourage individuals to flourish in every season of their lives by providing the guidance, counsel, and support they need.

Victoria is an active member of the National Academy of Certified Care Managers, the Aging Life Care® Association, and the Alzheimer’s Association. Victoria enjoys facilitating a Christian caregiver support group and presenting on a variety of topics related to family caregiving and aging well.

Having served the Charlotte, North Carolina community with ElderSource for many years, Victoria recently launched Grace Care Partners in Naples, Florida in 2023.

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Joan Hauswald, BSN, JD, RN

Joan is a registered nurse licensed in the State of New York as well as an attorney admitted to the New York Bar. She and her husband retired and moved to southwest Florida in 2021 with the intention of relaxing and enjoying all that this tropical paradise has to offer. 

Her professional journey started in service in the Emergency Room department as the lead/charge nurse where she learned to think on her feet and act decisively, while always keeping the best interests of the patient at the forefront,  providing exceptional care for her patients mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health; as well as those of the patient’s loved ones. While she served in this highly important role she returned to school to complete her Bachelors in Nursing. 

Joans calling is to help others during vulnerable and critical moments in their lives. Having worked in the ER for 10 years, she decided to attend law school while working full-time. She completed the JD program at Brooklyn law school and passed the New York bar on her first attempt. She continued to work at the same hospital with her new professional accomplishment as the Hospital’s Associate General Counsel. 

While southwest Florida’s lifestyle and beauty exceeded her expectations, there was still something missing. Joan thought back to her nursing and legal careers. Her ED experience taught her how best to handle the medical, mental, and emotional aspects of an illness or aging; the legal experience taught her the true meaning of advocacy and how to navigate the often-complex health care system. Becoming an Aging Life Care specialist is the answer to her dreams! Joan is ecstatic to join the Grace Care Partners team and be of service to the Naples community.

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Aneta Carrillo - Assistant Care Manager

Aneta Carrillo is a dedicated health care professional with over 25 years of experience working with older adults and their families. Currently, Aneta is working towards becoming a Registered Nurse. Aneta completed her nursing education at The International Institute for Healthcare in Boca, Raton,  Aneta’s primary objective is to make a significant difference in the lives of her clients. Through her compassionate care and deep understanding of the challenges faced by the elderly, she creates a nurturing and supportive environment. Drawing on her extensive experience, Aneta develops individualized care plans that address the unique needs of each patient, ultimately improving their overall quality of life.

Aneta has been a resident of Naples, Florida for over 15 years and cherishes her free time spent with her husband Miguel and their two teenage daughters.

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What is Aging Life Care?

What is an Aging Life Care Manager?

A care manager is a health and human services specialist who acts as a guide and advocate for families who are caring for older relatives or disabled adults. A care manager helps clients live life to its fullest: Encouraging independence, protecting dignity, and addressing safety and security concerns.

Our holistic approach focuses on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We also have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of resources in the community.

Our Aging Life Care Managers uphold the stringent Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics set by the Aging Life Care Association®.

To support families, care managers offer their expertises in 8 categories outlined by the Aging Life Care Association.

Health and Disability: Work closely with healthcare providers to ensure the right services, such as home care, home health and hospice care, are in place for your specific needs. Attend doctor appointments with client; facilitate communication between doctor, client, and family; and, if appropriate monitor client’s adherence to medical order and instructions.

Financial: Ensure clients have their financial affairs in order, and consult with CPA, fiduciary, financial advisor, and/or power of attorney as needed.

Housing: Assist in evaluating and selecting suitable housing options that meet your requirements, from aging in place to assisted living facilities.

Families: Help families navigate caregiving challenges, resolve conflicts, and make informed decisions about long-term care planning.

Local Resources: We are well-versed in local resources and can connect you to the services you need.

Advocacy: We advocate for your needs with healthcare providers and ensure your wishes are respected and met.

Legal: Refer you to legal experts for matters like estate planning and provide expert opinions for legal proceedings related to your care needs.

Crisis Intervention: Provide crisis management during emergencies, hospitalizations, and rehabilitation stays, serving as a reliable 24/7 emergency contact for families, especially those living at a distance.

When Do You Need An Aging Life Care Manager?

When caregiving for an aging family member becomes overwhelming, it may be time to contact an Aging Life Care Professional.

You may need an Aging Life Care Professional if the person you are caring for:

  • has multiple medical or psychological issues
  • is unable to live safely in their current environment
  • is not pleased with current care providers and requires advocacy
  • is confused about their own financial and/or legal situation
  • has limited or no family support

Or if your family:

  • has just become involved with helping the individual and needs direction about available services
  • is either “burned out” or confused about care solutions
  • has limited time and/or expertise in dealing with the individual’s chronic care needs and does not live close by
  • is at odds regarding care decisions
  • needs education and/or direction in dealing with behaviors associated with dementia

What are the benefits of using an Aging Life Care Manager?

Aging Life Care services are offered in a variety of settings. Care Managers can serve the needs of their clients by providing:

  • Personalized and compassionate service — focusing on the individual’s wants and needs.
  • Accessibility — care is typically available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Continuity of care – communications are coordinated between family members, doctors and other professionals, and service providers.
  • Cost containment — inappropriate placements, duplication of services, and unnecessary hospitalizations are avoided.
  • Quality control – Aging Life Care services follow ALCA’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
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Fill in this form and one of our caring staff will get back to you.

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