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At a very young age, our founder, Victoria Lichtenberger, knew her calling was with older adults. She loved visiting her elderly neighbors, listening to their stories, and checking in on them to be sure they knew someone cared.

In 2006 Victoria started her practice, which provides her clients with insights and caring based on more than two decades of experience bringing solutions to individuals and their families facing the challenges of aging and caregiving.

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Victoria Lichtenberger, MPS, CMC

Victoria received her bachelor of science degree in psychology and her master’s degree in professional studies, with an emphasis on geriatric care management. She is a trained, nationally certified Aging Life Care™ Manager and a long-standing member of the Aging Life Care® Association. In addition to Aging Life Care management, Victoria provides life coaching to family caregivers and women facing life transitions. She is currently applying to become a board-certified life coach.

While in college, she volunteered by visiting the residents of a local nursing home. It was during these visits that Victoria realized the pressing need for the residents without family nearby to have someone advocating for them. This inspired Victoria to pursue an advanced degree in geriatric care management at the only school offering such a program in the country at that time. After graduating in 1996, Victoria immediately went to work as an Aging Life Care Manager and has been fiercely advocating for her clients ever since. Victoria’s hallmark is her ability to think outside the box to bring more joy, more hope, and more peace into her clients’ lives.

As an Aging Life Care Manager and life coach, Victoria is driven by her God-given passion to help equip and encourage individuals to flourish in every season of their lives by providing the guidance, counsel, and support they need.

Victoria is an active member of the National Academy of Certified Care Managers, the Aging Life Care® Association, and the Alzheimer’s Association. Victoria enjoys facilitating a Christian caregiver support group and presenting on a variety of topics related to family caregiving and aging well.

Victoria served the Charlotte, North Carolina community with ElderSource for many years and launched Grace Care Partners in Naples, Florida in 2023.  Victoria is grateful for Vince, her husband of 26 years, and is the proud mother of two adult daughters.

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How we are different

What makes an Aging Life Care Manager stand apart from other elder care professionals is our commitment to stay focused on the needs of the client and family. Others may offer services for less, but what you receive cannot help but be influenced by the payment structure.

Senior advisors are paid referral fees to suggest eldercare facilities. As a general rule, they have a limited sphere of knowledge and do not hold a professional degree that gives them expertise in the eight key areas of eldercare. Only those facilities willing to pay a finder’s fee will be included in their list of suggestions. There may be a more appropriate option, but it will not be mentioned if the facility does not pay for referrals.

Hospital- or insurance-based case managers are employees of the health care system. They are good professionals. Their focus, however, is to address the issues of patients within the institution and to make efficient use of services for their organization.

We are based in the community and work with aging adults wherever they live. We provide continuity of care across all settings. We include the family and focus on improving quality of life for the older adult and their grown children.

Because we are paid directly by you, we are independent and objective. Our focus is 100% on the needs of your family and your aging loved ones. We apply our considerable skill and years of training to your unique situation.

When the issue is safety and quality of life, you deserve the best!

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Professional memberships

AgingLifeCare_Member_Logo_TMWe pride ourselves in our commitment to stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape of senior services and aging research. To this end, Victoria is an Advanced Professional member of the The Aging Life Care® Association


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