Collaborate with Professionals

We frequently work with the same clients – older adults and their families – who are navigating the challenges of aging and disability. While some cases are straightforward, others may involve medical, functional, or psychological complexities.

If you encounter complications that hinder your services, consider reaching out to us. We specialize in addressing issues such as cognitive impairments, family conflicts, changes in medical status, mobility challenges, and behavioral problems. Our expertise extends to older adults, individuals with disabilities, special needs individuals, and those with substance abuse issues.

In common situations, we offer personalized guidance tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of your clients. Think of us when your clients require local support and guidance due to the absence of nearby family, assistance for overwhelmed family caregivers, referrals to community programs, recommendations for appropriate care settings, advocacy in medical or social service settings, or oversight and coordination of existing care.

Since 2006, we have been providing professional support and guidance to older adults and their families. You can rely on us for accurate assessments of strengths and deficits, comprehensive care plans to enhance support and quality of life, recommendations for appropriate assistance, regular monitoring of supportive services with updates according to your preferences, family meetings to address concerns and foster understanding, and cost estimates for care and life planning.

Furthermore, we value collaboration with professionals in various fields. Whether it’s medical professionals, financial planners, elder law attorneys, or other experts, we can work together to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. Together, we can provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing the needs of older adults and their families.

 Services We Offer

  • an assessment to accurately understand the client’s strengths and deficits
  • a care plan to provide optimal support and quality of life
  • recommendations for appropriate assistance
  • someone to monitor supportive services with regular visits, reporting back to you at the interval of your preference
  • a family meeting to work through concerns and find common ground
  • cost estimates for care and life planning

Give us a call at 239-302-7650.
We can deal with the care needs so you are freed to focus on your area of expertise.

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