Care Management

Perhaps your family lives far away, or you are a “solo ager” and need to arrange for your own care. Or maybe you are the child or niece/nephew of an older adult and you want to be sure they have the support they need.

You’ve come to the right place!

Our Care management services include: 

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Comprehensive Assessment

During the comprehensive assessment and evaluation, the care manager will visit the older adult in their current setting, which may be a family home, a rehabilitation facility, or a residential community. Other members of the family or support system may be included. The primary objective is to clarify the client’s goals and develop a plan for accomplishing those goals.

Our comprehensive assessment and evaluation includes obtaining psychosocial, legal, financial, physical and mental functioning and safety. Using a holistic approach, we provide a thorough report with recommendations to improve the older adult’s safety and quality of life.

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Ongoing Support and Supervision

In many situations, older adults need ongoing monitoring to maintain the highest level of independence in their home.

This might involve routine visits and written or verbal updates to concerned family members and/or other professionals regarding the ongoing status of the older adult. We can assist with treatment regimens, arranging for outside services and monitoring those services to ensure quality

You can have peace of mind knowing your loved one is being monitored and enjoying the highest quality of life possible.

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Long Term Placement

We identify the best alternatives for relocating to an independent, assisted or skilled nursing center and can coordinate all the needed services related to the move.

In addition to helping you find the most appropriate facility, our care managers help with all the decisions (and emotions!) that come with making a change. Often a move involves downsizing and letting go of longtime possessions. Our compassionate staff provides support during the process, with effective channels for passing sentimental belongings to places where they will be truly appreciated.

Making the transition to a new home environment can be tricky, especially if the move is from a single-family residence to a group-living situation.

Our experienced staff provides support that eases the transition so the person you care for quickly begins engaging with the new surroundings and experiences fewer barriers to adjustment.

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Crisis Intervention

Suppose your loved one falls and breaks a hip? Maybe they have a stroke, or get in an accident. We help families who are at a distance manage crisis situations to ensure the best outcome. We coordinate with the medical team and all family members to help make decisions in keeping with your relative’s wishes and goals. We can also assist with discharge plans, directing you to the best providers in the area based on your unique needs and finances. For those who live far away, we can provide timely updates that help you stay connected and make decisions about when is the best time to travel.

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Our Aging Life Care Professionals, provide oversight and advocacy services for older adults at medical appointments and facilities.

We can accompany the older adult to medical appointments to ensure accurate information is presented and that the doctor’s orders are properly obtained and executed. Accurate and timely information is also communicated to the concerned family members and/or responsible party.

For families living at a distance, we can serve as an advocate for an older adult residing in a long-term care facility.  We are aware of the states rules and regulations along with the resident right’s to receive the highest quality of care is delivered.

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Professional Referrals

Our Aging Life Care Professionals can make appropriate referrals to other reputable professionals in the community. Referrals may include the following: medical professionals and specialists, elder law attorneys, financial planners, trust officers, realtors, etc.

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